Project Management



Projects have a lot of moving parts: schedules, requirements, resources, budgets, etc. They all require attention and sometimes you could use a little help to keep it all under control.


Managing projects is more than scheduling meetings and creating schedules. Effective project management requires being able to lead a team of people towards a common goal. A good project manager can build trusting relationships with their team and effectively resolve conflicts. They recognize the needs of the team members and make an effort to meet those needs.


Bringing in a good project manager to lead your projects can make all the difference! Not all projects are one-size-fits-all, and someone who is willing to take the time to understand your needs, the project goals and the needs of your team is invaluable. 



Agile Coaching

When transitioning a team to Agile, having a quality coach along for the ride can make all the difference. A good coach will listen to the needs of the team, work to understand what their goals are, and identify any gaps that will impede their success. She will be able to tailor the transition in a way that will allow the them to become the self-sufficient, high-functioning team they deserve to be.



Scrum Master

A good Scrum Master is essential when you want a high-functioning team. Someone who can help guide the team as they work to constantly improve themselves. Not only should they understand and enforce standard Scrum practice, they also have the ability to build positive relationships with team members to help resolve conflicts, encourage team communication and clear any impediments that get in the way.



Business Analysis

Sometimes the hardest part of writing requirements is figuring out how to write down what you need so that it's clear and concise. The process can sometimes be a little grueling, but it doesn't have to be. 


Writing quality requirements means that you are able to clearly state what you need and why you need it. Asking the right questions in order to achieve this is something I can help you do!